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Whether you are an owner occupier, investor, or developer all property buyers are not actually in the business of property, they are really in the business of finance - can you get the money to buy, can you service the loan to keep it, & can you make enough money to profit from it when you sell it.

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Typically a dual key property is the cheapest form of home type to buy, as it is essentially two rentable homes in one. In general, a dual key property is not designed or approved to be strata-titled like the more common form of dual occupancy property - the duplex, which means that both dwellings are on a single titles with one set of rates. Each self-contained residence is generally designed under the same roof so from the street the multiple income property resembles a traditional house.

The two dwellings in a Dual Key Property can either be attached or detached, separated by an approved fire wall system or physically separated. Generally, a Dual Key Property has 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms on one side (the 'house') and 1 or 2 bedrooms on the other. Each home has a separate entrance with full facilities including a kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedrooms, living areas and car accommodation. The size of the property and the number of bedrooms allowed is different from one Council to the next.

This type of property continues to be the product of choice for many investors as an approved Dual Key Property provides investors with two rental incomes from the one property.

- Having two sets of income produces a higher yield which generally makes this type of property cash flow positive
- Reduced risk of the property being vacant with no income being produced as normally one side will be tenants if/when the other becomes vacant.
- No body corporate fees or strata fees as the dwelling remains on the one title.

Property Investment Businesses
At first, beginners often read a book about property investing by some guru, try to apply the book's strategies, have a few winning investments but after a couple of losing investment they abandon the strategy as not working and pick up the next book or guru’s ideas.
This is called the Beginner’s Cycle and if you are to become a successful investor it is crucial that you are able to recognise it and jump off.
Successful Property investing involves accepting that an investment strategy may not always produce winning investments and understand that managing the losses and the wins in an appropriate way is what leads to establishing a Property Investment Business' success.
Our Partners RedCap Consultants are specialists in establishing successful Property investing Businesses.






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